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Preparing your Boat for Road Transport

Our services exclude preparing your boat for road transport. This is a very important part of the move and needs to be arranged in advance of the actual day of transport.

Preparation is normally something you can do yourself although, with larger boats, you may have to enlist the services of marine engineers. Most boat yards will have suitable expertise to assist you in these tasks. The aim is t make your boat safe to travel on the public highway to ensure your boat is not a danger to other road users. Each and every boat is different, so it is not possible to provide an exhaustive list but the main points are as follows:-

  • Isolate batteries and gas bottles.
  • All hazardous materials to be removed.
  • Stow all items with in the boat so nothing will fall and break.
  • Remove all canvas work (dodgers, canopies, sprayhoods etc) and secure or remove the sprayhood metalwork as necessary.
  • Remove fenders, life rings and warps. Stow anchors securely, don’t leave them to rattle around on the bow roller.
  • Protect or remove screens, especially on flybridge boats. Splash screens are very vulnerable to overhanging branches and plastic screens degrade overtime and can become brittle – during transportation, the buffeting of the wind can be enough to crack the screen.
  • Remove or drop aerials, radomes and navigation lights.
  • Drain fresh and waste water tanks.
  • Although we do not expect you to drain fuel tanks, we would ask that you keep fuel levels to a minimum, where possible.
  • If your boat is a sailing yacht, then the mast will need to be stepped. Please ensure halyards and stays are packed securely.
  • With larger boats, it is normally necessary to drop or remove the radar arch, remove propellers and sometimes rudders. This is to reduce the overall height of the boat to ensure we can transport your boat safely to your chosen destination. Once loaded, we check the height of your boat on the lorry, prior to departure, to ensure it will fit safely under the bridges on the chosen route.
  • Keys for the vessel must be left with our driver so that, if/when stopped by Customs Officers they are able to gain access to check your vessel. It keys are not available Officers will gain entry by any means necessary.

If you wish to discuss your boat preparation in more detail please call us.


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